Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Season Limbo

As I already made it known, I love fall. And we are currently in what I call "season limbo" where its too late for companies to bring out new summer merchandise, and too soon to bring out what's new for fall. Although some companies introduce a few "fall" items, it still isn't the hardcore fall clothing that I've been waiting for. This tends to make shopping trips rather dull. You've seen everything that is out at your favorite stores, and they are trying to get rid of what they have left to make room for the new clothing and accessories that fall brings. This is definitely the time where I save up my money for when fall comes around...to me, there is no sense in buying anymore summer clothes right now! However, companies do tend to put out transitional items that you can wear during these awkward times. Here are some of my favorites:

This is one of my favorite sweaters and I own it in burgundy and marled camel. It is such a versatile and SOFT, comfortable piece. Its a lightweight sweater, so it can be thrown on at night. Or, you could put an OCBD underneath to add a little warmth when fall comes! I recommend sticking to colors like black, navy, grey, burgundy, camel, and white. Colors that can easily transition between seasons! Even better? They just introduced the Tippi sweater in a cardigan style!

A navy blazer is, in my opinion, a must in any closet. It is versitile in transition months and is a great investment piece because it will never go out of style and can be used during any season. This is another item of clothing that can be thrown over a shirt for when the nights start to get cooler. Or, can be worn with a sweater underneath, like the Tippi mentioned above, for more warmth!

Any type of sweater, pullover, or blazer is a perfect transition piece if you have the urge to shop. Or, you can save until the fall lines come out...that's definitely what I am doing!


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